Central Ohio's Programs for Animal Welfare (CO•PAW) provides low-cost veterinary services to under-served communities and rescue groups, in addition to providing employment opportunities for survivors of violent crimes and at-risk youths.





Routine wellness exams are essential to our pets. These are the foundation for quality care and a long, happy life.


Have peace of mind with a microchip for your pet, to ensure they are quickly returned in the event they are lost.


We provide high-quality, low-price spay and neuter services to combat pet over-population and reduce the risk of severe health and behavioral risks, including certain types of cancer, pyometra, marking, and roaming.



Routine vaccinations are an important part of keeping your pet healthy. We provide all core canine and feline vaccines to protect your pet from serious illnesses.


Our skilled team of veterinary professionals are able to provide your pet with pre-anesthetic and routine blood testing, annual Heartworm and Tick-borne Disease Screenings, Fecal Examinations, and more.


The backbone of successful pet ownership is education. We pride ourselves on our extensive training and research, and are committed to providing the best information and resources for pet owners to succeed. 

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850 King Avenue - Suite A
Columbus, OH 43212

Email: hello@copaw.org
Tel:  (614) 721-5569


Monday - Thursday: 8:00AM - 4:00PM

Cat Cafe 
Friday - Sunday: 10:00AM - 7:00PM



CO•PAW was developed by our founder, Breona, & our co-founders once we found we shared the same core belief—that all pets are deserving of high quality veterinary care, regardless of the financial status of their owners, and even regardless of if the animal currently has an owner.

CO•PAW is designed to provide affordable veterinary services to under-served communities and rescue groups. It is incredibly easy to acquire a pet, but exceptionally difficult to adequately care for one. You can travel to any community across the globe and you will find pets. But what you will not always find is adequate or accessible veterinary care. To us, accessible means accessible to all. Many impoverished areas lack proper resources to care for their residents, both human and animal alike. Those that do have veterinary resources are often faced with the issue of the veterinary facility being priced out of the reach of the local residents. This gets a staggering number of pet owners into the habit of not seeking veterinary care, even in emergencies. For CO•PAW,  "adequate" means comprehensive, high quality, and complete. The few veterinary resources that are available to poverty-stricken communities often see incredibly high volumes of patients, oftentimes treating the patients as a herd and using outdated, generic protocols without the supporting diagnostics or proven efficacy. Many clinics geared towards low-income clients frequently lack the capability to perform diagnostics. At CO•PAW, we believe every pet deserves the best, and we strive to bring gold standard treatment to every pet, regardless of financial ability.

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