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Thank you for your interest in our TNR Program, and for caring for our population of community cats! Getting set up is easy-- simply complete our trapper application, add patients, and schedule a TNR Appointment! Please note that we do not have temperature regulations, but we will not operate our TNR program during inclement weather. Keep an eye on our inclement weather tool at the bottom of this page to determine if we'll be operating! 

Feline Spay: $60 
Feline Neuter: $50
Umbilical Hernia Repair: $25-$50
Selamectin Application: $10
Rabies Vaccine: $10 - Required
FVRCP Vaccine: $18.50
FeLV/FIV Testing: $22

Additional services can be elected on the Anesthetic Consent Form. If applicable, please speak with your voucher provider to determine which services may be covered under said voucher.

Step One: Apply! 

Complete our Trapper Application to be added to our client database.

Step Two: Register Patients

Complete this form each time you'd like to bring in new cats. 

Step Three: Consent Forms

Please complete one anesthetic consent form for up to five patientsYou can select elective services for your patients from this form. 

Step Four: Schedule

Instructions: Select TNR Appointment and write how many cats you're bringing in into the appointment notes. It helps to include their sexes, if known.  

Weather Watcher

Monitor this section to watch for surgery days rescheduled to due inclement weather. Please note that dates with a red 'x' may be marked as such due to already being at surgical capacity for the day.

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