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Breona Baines: CEO & FOUNDER

Breona founded Kitticcino Charities in 2020 after working in veterinary settings for eleven years. Breona has mainly worked with non-profit groups, with her most notable position being on the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' Field Investigations and Response Team. Breona served (and still deploys from time to time!) as a Medical Field Specialist, mainly aiding in the forensic processes and medical treatments of canines seized from federal dogfighting cases. Breona lives alone with her two rescue dogs, Menzi and Tezi, and her cat, Milo. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering with local rescue organizations and fostering medically compromised rescue animals.

Dr. Jennifer Duncan, DVM

Dr. Duncan has been a practicing veterinarian for over 25 years having graduated vet school from Washington State University. She practiced in companion animal medicine for eight years before shifting her career to shelter medicine and spay/neuter work. Most recently Dr. Duncan has worked in laboratory medicine at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center overseeing work in rodents and advocating for animal welfare. She recently moved with her family to Columbus from Seattle and is excited to be doing spay/neuter work again! Dr. D has two dog family members Hansel, a 6 year old pitbull mix and a Great Dane named Ferdinand who is 6 months old.

Dr. Robert Outzs, DVM

Dr. Robert Outzs has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 30 years. He is a skilled surgeon and has a special interest in reptiles. 


Lisa Oakes.jpg

Lisa is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and she is a graphic designer with over 20 years of experience. She grew up in Maine and still resides there. She's worked with nonprofits for most of her life, giving back in some way. She was the Executive Director of her local animal shelter for three years and loved fostering orphaned neonatal kittens most of all. She lives with one dog and 9 cats including Peanut, her amazing special needs kitty. She is excited to be volunteering her time and expertise to CO•PAW.


Hi! My Name is Megan Bennett, I'm from Ohio, and if I were an animal it would be a Chameleon. 

What got me here is a long journey, but since I'm an expert on it I'll shorten it down for you. It all started with my parents, lol we all know that, but love got me in here and love will get me out. They volunteered at our local animal shelter & humane society and we fostered a lot of dogs, so I had to go through a lot but I also learned a lot. I thought I learned the most about animals from Steve Irwin (just like everyone else), but really it was my parents, and specifically, the dogs. The most important lesson I learned from the Irwins was to be calm - and I have stayed calm with both animals and people since his passing. So fast forward - my boyfriend and I were doing “Garage Hangs” with my dog Biggie Smalls that has since passed from Lymphoma. We were watching him for my mom because she was visiting Out West. I would not trade a second of my time. I loved Biggie Smalls and I looked at him and realized I'm tired of chasing money, so I've decided to volunteer my time and offer my services for free. 

And here I am. In my Happy Place. Getting to Learn, Help and Do what I love all at once. All while fulfilling my promise to Biggie Smalls to Change this WORLD. And I could not Thank Breona enough, along with Lisa, our Graphic Designer from Maine. 

Which concludes my speech, thank you for sticking with me, but I'd like to thank some more people if you do not mind. Starting with My Mom, for teaching me to be comfortable in my own skin, My Dad for taking us to Maine, My Sister for my nephew & being Diabetic, finally Logan... Maybe School too, AMEN!

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Aurora started her journey with COPAW as a client back in 2020, and accepted a position as a veterinary assistant in 2022 - but she is so much more than that! You'll see Aurora fostering bottle-baby kittens, assisting in the clinic, running the front desk, appearing at events, and even grooming from time to time. Stop by anytime and you'll probably get a chance to meet her. 

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