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Foster with Us

Foster parents are the backbone of rescue! Thank you for considering saving a life by bringing them into your home. 

We have a variety of animals needing fosters of varying skill level, including neonates (requiring bottle feeding every 2-4 hours,) puppies and kittens recovery from surgery, healthy animals awaiting their new homes, FIV positive cats, and more. 

CO•PAW covers the cost of all supplies and veterinary care. We only require that our foster families be available 1-2 times per month to transport to veterinary appointments and the occasional meet-and-greet.

Due to COVID-19, we are being very selective with adopters and only those with serious inquiries will be allowed to schedule meetings. We recommend that meetings be held in a public space but it is not required.

To apply to foster with us, please click the button below and allow one business day for a response. Thank you! 

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