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Kitticcino Cat Cafe

Our cat cafe is not simply a cafe; it functions as a free-roaming cattery for adoptable cats, as well as those in our sanctuary program. Cats require space to roam and explore in order to be their most mentally-healthy selves. We will never over-crowd our cattery and will only use cages when medically necessary, or required for safety. 

Additionally, Kitticcino Cat Cafe is dedicated to having delicious food & beverages for all. Our menu includes vegan, vegetarian, & gluten-friendly options. Stop by today to meet our adoptable cats.


1.    Cats get scared easily! Please no running, jumping, stomping, throwing, or yelling.

2.    PLEASE be gentle when petting the cats
We want our Café cats to have the best experience possible. Please be mindful of cat body language and gentle when handling them. Pet at your own risk. Please don't chase cats. If they walk away after you pet them, they are done being petted. Not all cats like being picked up, so please ask the cat lounge attendant first.

3.    Cats sleep a lot.  Please don't wake the cats, but give them lots of pets for happy dreams.

4.    PLEASE sanitize your hands before and after entering the Café.
Feline illnesses can travel quickly between cats and are the bane of shelters. To ensure that our kitties, as well as your kitties at home, remain healthy and happy, we will provide hand sanitizer to be used when entering and leaving the Café.

5.    Take lots of pictures! But please, no flash.
Please tag us in your photos on Facebook (copaw.614) and Instagram (@copaw.614)!
6.    Cats must stay in the cat lounge. Please watch for cats when you open doors. When your visit is done, please check out with the front desk.

7.    NO outside dogs or cats
The Café cats are all adoptable. A stressed cat has difficulty showing its true self, and we want these kitties to shine! Nothing stresses a cat out more than a strange new animal, especially in a room filled with strange new people, so please, keep your pets at home.

8.    NO outside food, toys or treats
We will provide treats and toys for the kitties. And of course, please do not feed the cats any human food.

9.    Well behaved children are welcome, but please supervise their interaction with the cats
No tail pulling, no rough petting and no yelling at the cats, please. Children 12 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult. We ask that adults and children are together when they meet and interact with our cats. Please note that guardians are responsible for the actions of their minors and should make sure they follow the rules.

10. We reserve the right to remove any individual from the Café at any time.

But we don't want to! Please adhere to the rules to keep everyone safe, happy, and healthy. If you're unsure of something, please ask - there are no wrong questions!

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